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  • Your offer

    The ACQ platform helps you create a professional and attractive list of goods that will get your customer to make a purchase. After designing and configuring your e-shop, it will look something like this:

    content selling website

    To customize the product, you can add:


    A good marketing description will help get your customer interested in purchasing the product. You have 2 description options to choose from: A short description that is displayed to the customer when viewing the list of goods will help grab the customer's attention. After an interested buyer clicks on a product to find out more, he will see a detailed description that prompts your customer to place an order. Shortly speaking - it all depends on your imagination!

    content selling website

    Suggested products

    You can increase the value of an order by showing the customer products that other people often buy along with the selected one. At the same time, you have 2 options to choose from: you can select them manually for each specific product, or you can simply fill in an appropriate checkbox in the settings to select such products automatically.

    content selling website


    Variations will be helpful if you can provide your customers with different opttions of your goods. Let your customers choose the clothing fabric or dress style! At the same time, choosing a variation does not change the price, but your client will feel a part of the process.

    content selling website


    You can add various addons to the main product if you like. For example, a shoe brush will be a good addition to the shoes sold, and if your client bought dishwashing detergent, offer him a sponge as well. At the same time, you increase the order value, and your client receives a better and more unusual product.

    content selling website

    Product list importing

    If you already have a list of your products in document format, you can easily import it into the system. This feature will be especially useful if you used to maintain all the documentation using text editors.

    content selling website
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