Platform Features

Build and configure the system as you need!

  • Customization

    Your shop can be customized in lots of details. it's served as white-labeled software so nobody will know that you're using our system. We understand that you want to build your brand and we're doing our best to help you in that process.

    Change branding, colors to make the shop aligned with yout branding

    Change the way products are displayed from 3 generated themes

    Customize with a simple creator a look of a product. Add images, movies, files

    More time you spent during the customization process more proffesional your shop will be. We help business to attract customers in a way traditional shops do. By changing sliglhy the offer presentation.

  • Products

    One of the key features in our shop is the ability to configure a wide card of a product. You can easily define products and select the way they are presented in the store.

    Photos, Videos, Files

    Marketing HTML

    Additional data-sheets

    Pricing terms

    Quantities and limitations

    Suggested products

    Different product types


    Product affiliation


    Custom Links

    Internal promotion

    All the products can me managed separatelly, you can turn them on or off from sales any time you need to. We also put a lot of pressure to make the pages with products friendly for positioning to help you make your products trackable

  • Orders

    With orders management system you can keep track on all your orders created from your e-shop. System allows you to track both a status of the transaction and shippment to a customer. The orders generates receipts which can be transfered to your accounting and to your clients. Every client in your shop have access to the client panel where he can check all the orders and receipts created from the system

  • Online payments

    You can use traditional payment methods like wire transfer, but also integrate your shop with one of the payment gateways. This will allow your clients to pay in the way they like.

  • Shipping

    We developed our shop to not limit you in a market you want to target. You can sell localy or globally. If you decide to go globally, you can set the shipping terms that will be attached to your client location. It's done automatically and without any discomfort for clients

    Local shipping

    Global shipping

    Shipping tracking

    Order value free shipping

    Shipping blocked locations

  • Discount codes

    You can create discount codes that can be used for your business promotion. Codes can be passed to your partners or simply used for example in email marketing campaigns or facebook ads. People just enter the code in the basket and get the discount.

    Codes can be attached to basket or specific products. They alsa have different option of usage you can easily design:

    Disposable codes

    Reusable codes

    Limited codes

    Amount discounts

    Percentage discounts

    Basket value activation

    Codes expiration

  • Stock / Quantities

    You can sell your products without putting any quantities. In this situation you sell as much as it is possible. It's risky but you can do that, to protect you a little we put an oorder confirmation option:

    When order is received it needs to be confirmed by you (optional)

    If you decide to go with product limitations. You can set the number that will protect you from selling to little and too much

    You can set the number of products you want to sell

    You can set the minimum quantity for the order of a single product

    You can set the maximum quantity for the order of a single product

  • VAT

    If you're running a shop in European Union you probably need to deal with receipts and propper VAT management. EU put a very strict rules of seeling to individuals or companies based on their locations

    VAT Management will do all the paperwork for you

    If you eligeble for VAT our shop will figure out what terms needs to be attached to specific order based on client location.

    You can build a final receipts/invoices based on VAT status

    You can deal with cross-border selling

  • Affiliate program

    Recommendations can be very profitable in building an e-commerce selling. That's why we developed build-in affiliate system that allows you to work with your partners.

    You can create a unique links to your partners

    When people enter your shop from the link and buy something which you selected for affiliate program you can pay your partner a comission

    You will have access to affiliate panel where you can see the effects

    You can manage the payout process to your affiliate partners

  • Private shop

    The Acq have different models of selling. You can run your public shop, where everyone can acquire products. You can also set your shop in a private mode

    To buy your products people . first need to register and be approved by your

    This is perfect solution if you're running supplier shops and you don't want people to see prices that are offered to distributors.

    You can add different discount levels to users accounts

    People can apply to join your shop

  • Licence control

    If you want to sell something publicly but only for people that own a licence for your product you can use Licence control.

    With licence control people need to put their unique licence keys to make purchase for products

    Licence controls are perfect for selling bundled products... mostly technical. For example if you're selling parts that are only valid for specific product (with speciifc serial number or licence)

    This is good option for automotive industry

    It's mostly used by hardware producers

  • Subscription access

    The Acq is also equpied with options for selling only to people that acquire access to your store. For example you need to join your club to get access to your discounted products

    People will be charge monthly for allowence to access and purchase from your shop

    This strategy is perfect for buiilding a community of people that loves your brand. A subscription model can bring benefits to your clients, because it's a substitude of group selling from the past

    Offer cheaper products for monthly or annual subscription

    Build a community around your brand

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