Managing sales with Ocl

CRM system

At the beginning of their selling journey, many entrepreneurs face the problem of storing and processing information related to their business. At first glance, it seems it is enough just to create your own website and sales will immediately take off. In fact, creating a website is only the first step..

Excellent functions of the Acq system provides our clients with a wide range of marketing and promotion tools. However, what system could help with storing and processing customer-related data? We also asked this question and turned to the Ocl CRM system for help.

Transfer and control

An efficient integration of and oClient makes it possible to transfer customer order data to a single database. Using this information, you can conduct your own research to identify the interests of customers and develop new sales strategies. In order to make it easier to find all the necessary data, we recommend creating client cards. This also helps to keep the documentation organized and track it using version control.

Document storage and processing

Bringing up the topic of documentation, it is worth paying attention to invoices - one of the most important documents. OClient allows creating customer invoices as customizable PDF files in a few minutes. It’s key feature is an easy and fast process of transferring receipts for the customers and personal records.

When you deal with clients sometimes you need to send them such documents as contracts. Their preparation consume time and in most cases, you just need to replace the data in the already developed documents. That's why there was developed a contract module. It has become possible to easily manage the company documents and generate customized files with a click of a button.

Constant communication

The system also expands the possibilities of continuous communication with customers. You can use it to stay in touch via email or SMS messages. Having a well-established customer base, you can also anticipate their requests and create sample responses. This trick will help to save time and respond to more customers.

CRM system

Many perceive this as a bad joke, but experienced entrepreneurs know that one of the most complicated tasks is right delegations of work processes. A website owner can quickly add his employees to the system, where he creates boards for discussing business issues, as well as chats for solving daily tasks.

Thus, choosing the system business owners get access not only to one of the best and most convenient e-shop website creation systems, but also to a system of complete control over their sales.

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