How it works with mobile APP

We want you to get your orders seconds after our system receives them!

You receive the order in 3 different ways

You will be notifed by a friendly notification with noice if you're logged in to the system


The email will be send to you with all the orders details you need

Mobile app

You will be notified on your mobile phone or tablet app about new orders

Get the orders list

The simplest way to receive the order is to use our mobile app. You will be instantly notified and you can process the order with your finger. It works on tablets too!

Check the details of the order

Simply click the order you want to work with and see all the important details. Constantly check the progress of the payment process and react

Change the status

With a single click change a status of the order to have a control over the situation. The client will be notified about it to keep him comfortable.

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